Is your CV updated? Are you applying for jobs with an outdated CV?

Applying for jobs that you qualify for but don’t get invited for interviews?

Wanting to change careers and want a new CV highlighting your competence?

Need a modern CV with the correct format and layout that employers and recruiters look out for when shortlisting?

Feeling stuck in your current job and are looking for green pastures?

If you have nodded, smiled, or answered YES to any of the above questions, then you need a professional CV that communicates your competence, personal value  and brand.

Engage us via the steps provided below.

Steps into our Professional CV editing Service.

Step 1: Send your CV to and copy,with the email subject as “Review my CV”. Feel free to call our CV writing department – Call Direct: 0782 631 277.

Step 2:  Our team will study and review your CV for free and give you feedback on where your CV is falling short. Expect a call or email from us. The expert will also share with you the charges to re-write your CV afresh and how long it will take to get your new CV.

Step 3: Pay for the service using our Mpesa Paybill number 493599, a/c no: CV + your name or by visiting our office. Free parking is available.

Step 4: Upon payment receipt. Our team will start writing your new CV from scratch with a modern format and layout, adding all the relevant information that employers look for respective to your sector and industry.

Step 5: Receive your professional CV from us. Communicate your unique value proposition and land your next dream job.