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How Business Gets Done

Our services include; Consulting in business and leadership, training, short-term and long-term management

Business Consulting

  1. Strategic plan development
  2. Strategic marketing plan development
  3. Customer experience strategy
  4. Growth strategy
  5. Financial management
  6. Research and Development

Strategic Leadership Training

  1. Sales and marketing training
  2. Entrepreneurship skills training
  3. Professionalism and professional decorum training
  4. Organizational conflict management and conflict resolution training
  5. Strategic leadership
  6. Public Speaking training
  7. Effective communication skills training
  8. Personal development
  9. Team building

Business Support Services

  1. Human resource audit
  2. Human resource recruitment and selection
  3. Personal job fit assessment
  4. Organization policy development and implementation
  5. Manpower outsourcing services
  6. Customer evaluation
  7. Customer relationship management
  8. Counselling and support services
  9. Inspirational talks.

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