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25 May

The Passionate Leader

Leadership is not only influencing others, but also inspiring the best out of others.

Leadership is all about creating leaders.

Muhammad Ali once said, “Champions are not made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them; a desire, a dream, and a vision. The skill, and will is a must have, but the will must be stronger than the skill.” And I would like to emphasis this with a statement ‘Without passion, leadership is a nightmare’

A passionate leader is one who is self-driven with a positive mindset, action oriented, vision commissioned and inspired to learn to lead.

If you are passionate about leadership the whole world will converge to give you the opportunity, resources and most importantly to witness and celebrate your success.

Passionate leaders are inspired by the following pillars.


You cannot sail into your blue ocean success with an awful mindset. Passionate leaders grow in the environment of abundant attitude. They see opportunities where others perceive threats, they create solutions when others are busy creating blames they have eyes but most importantly they have sight.

A story is told of two salesmen who were sent to a certain island to sell shoes; each was given 50,000 pairs of shoes. Let’s call them salesman A and B.

The first salesman-A to land on the island was surprised that in that Island people did not put on shoes. He called home and said that he would be returning home the following day since people of the island did not put on shoes. He didn’t think they needed any. Off he went!

On arrival the following day Salesman-B, stood amazed. He immediately called home.

“…hello, I need 50,000 pairs of shoes more because everyone in this Island needs a pair.”

This is the power of positive attitude which is anchored on five important pillars:

Intuition-sensing what others fail to sense.

Passion-feeling what others do not feel.

Creativity-thinking and doing what others do not think and do.

Initiative-creating and implementing

Generosity-giving what others do not give.

Communication-saying what others fail to say.

Influence-leading the way


A Passionate leader knows and understands that leadership is best defined through ACTION.

A passionate leader understands that failure to ACT on important issues is selling his/her testimony to someone else.

For the times I have lived, I have heard friends who have had awesome business ideas.

However, someone was passionately chasing the dream that they had been busy fantasizing about. This is what you get when you sleep on your dreams.

Jim Lovell quotes that “there are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who make things happen.” 

Emphasis is on making things happen. Are watching or wondering? A passionate leader makes things happen!

ACTION is the only thing that differentiates men from boys and women from girls.

PASSIONATE LEADERS take Bold ACTIONS at the right time, in the right manner, at the right place, with the right people and experience the right results.

3     FOCUS


Do you like leading or do you love leading?

If your answer is ‘Yes, I love leading,’ then you are a passionate leader.

When you focus your passion and energy on leadership, your creativity is ignited and mastery becomes your definition.

Creativity and mastery leads to your personal and leadership authenticity.

A passionate leader is not a ‘jack of all trades.’

In as much as the world calls for dynamism, if you want to enjoy the journey of life and success then you have got to FOCUS.

Find that one thing that you love doing. That which you find most fulfilling in your life. Most importantly that which you find joy in. FOCUS on it.


Passionate leadership is about training hard but fighting easy. It is about going out there not as a suspect but with charm; as a prospect.

There are three types of power in this world: the power to start, the power to continue and the power to finish.

The most important power is the power to CONTINUE.

This is the power that does not give up.

The power that does not give in.

It is the power of positivity, intuition, creativity, generosity, communication and initiative.

This is the power that understands that success is an ocean. You cannot approach it with a spoon of stupidity.

This is the power that enjoys creating solutions in the face of difficulty.

It understands the audacity of hope and draws its energy in small consistent right things. If done persistently, they will define great success after 10,000 hours as stated by MALCOM Gladwell in his book Outliers.

This is the power that creates and builds effective and efficient teams. Such understands that alone lane is an avenue of loneliness, struggle and failure.

The magic behind success and significance is commitment and consistency.

A passionate leader defines his/her niche, sets goals, focuses on them ignited with positive attitude.

With consistence and commitment, the passionate leader takes calculated strategic actions in leadership, personal development and empowers others into passionate leadership.

Do you desire to be a leader? what is your mindset? are you action-oriented? do you stay on course until you get desired results? are you consistent with your thoughts, decisions and actions? That is what it takes to be a passionate leader. Go beyond the usual leader; be the passionate leader!

Positive attitude + Action + Focus + Consistency = Passionate Leader.

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