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13 May

A Letter That Inspired Change.

I was lost, wallowing in the valley of despair.

In my cocktail of failure, dejection, rejection and shame after my high school failure having reaped what I had sown – Cheating, I received the letter below from our new school principal.

30th March 2011.

Dear Nyagaka Otumbo Vincent,

“Troubles, like a washing machine twist us and knock us around, but in the end we come out brighter and better than before.”

Today, I write to confirm to you that, having had an opportunity to be in this great institution of promise, you have exposed yourself to a great opportunity to distance yourself from an enemy called “AVERAGE.” Being young, you may fail to see the need to work hard and exploit your full potential.

I would like to tell you that you have great energy and a capacity to stretch like a rubber band and face the odds squarely. Do not dodge challenges like the many we face in here. Face them.

In you I see untapped talent that can be turned around. I trust that you will turn your weaknesses into strengths as your threats become opportunities.

I declare to support you as you look into yourself to exploit your full potential.Above all, allow God to know, you know He loves you by prayer.

Finally, do not forget that your contribution to the achievement of the new school target: MSS 10.0 is awaited. Settle and get down to real business. With you, I know we can achieve a lot together.

I have trust you shall make it. Yes we can.

Happy Easter!

Nyaat G. Omoni

Principal – St John’s Nyamagwa Boys High School.

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