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With cross-functional perspective and significant industrial expertise, we partner both long-term and short-term, strategically guide and lead our business and entrepreneurship

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Personal Development, Ujasiriamali Program – Entrepreneurship training and development.


What you need to know

Sav Skills Limited is a passionate, professional business training and consultancy firm that believes in people, leadership and performance. We understand that transformation is the key to personal and organizational significance, and, therefore, our mission is to place people, relationships and professionalism at the heart of world class performance.

Trust me! I will boost your communication skills.
Get on the path to financial freedom.
Get on the path to financial freedom.

Is my business running me or am I running my business?

What sets us apart is

Being Happy

Figure out your values and align your life to them.

Fulfilling Potential

Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.

Making Change

Get over fears and change your job or habits.

Finding Balance

Breathe, relax, and become content with your world.

Our Communication, Commitment and Consistence in offering high-impact, up-to-date and effective global perspective trainings. We focus on programs because we believe that no change nor transformation can be achieved in a day. Our approach is threefold hence the high-impact and effectiveness;

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Our services include; Consulting in business and leadership, training, short-term and long-term management

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